JustLeadershipUSA is a national nonpartisan membership advocacy organization led by Glenn E. Martin, a national leader and criminal justice reform advocate. JLUSA aims to cut the US prison population in half by 2030 by elevating the voice of Americans impacted by crime and incarceration and positioning them as informed, empowered reform partners.

Glenn wanted his new brand to feel impactful right out of the gate. Our mission was to create a brand identity that represents the "New America." It needed to feel clean, inspiring, and patriotic without leaning too heavily on traditional symbols. The JL monogram design conveys upward movement with it's triangular composition. It's end points deliberately represent the three pillars (Advocacy, Leadership and Membership) of the JLUSA foundation. Magenta was chosen as the brands definitive color against the stark contrast of black and white in an effort to immediately separate this new brand from similar grassroots organizations.


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