The Juice Box is Vancouver’s premier organic cold-pressed raw juice company. Built upon a foundation of integrity and dedication to nutrition and to the health of the planet, The Juice Box aims to help build a better you. These may sound like lofty ideals but to founder Jody Polischuk, they are the typical results that come from changing ones diet and lifestyle to reflect the vibrancy and healthfulness which deep down all humans crave.

Our goal in designing this new brand was to inspire and engage customers whether they were already familiar with the concept of juicing or true beginners to the lifestyle. We developed a clean, elegant logo mark featuring a six pointed star to represent the company's standard six juice cleanse. As an added kick, the negative space forms an extruded "box" shape for extra meaning and impact. The result is a minimal organic mark that serves as a beacon of good health to the people of Vancouver, BC. 


Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Web Design
UX/UI Design
Package Design
Photography Styling
Art Direction